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About Too Good To Share

Charlotte Schultz started making small batches of homemade toffee and sharing them with family, neighbors and friends during events and holidays. Every year, the toffee request list grew and the sharing didn't stop! 

Those fortunate enough to receive the toffee told similar stories of hiding, stashing and guarding it from their family and friends.

This popularity led Charlotte to the realization that her beloved toffee had already gained a name for itself - "Too Good To Share!"

Every freshly prepared batch is slow cooked and hand stirred to perfection, topped with chocolate and nuts, carefully boxed and ready for you to give as a gift or enjoy yourself.  All from her home kitchen!

We currently do not offer shipping or delivery.  Please contact us for pick up locations and details. 

Call or Email us today!

Customer Comments

"It was so good that I had to hide it from myself!"

"Why are you here? You should be in heaven!"

"I bought it as a gift but ended up eating it myself."

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